Ahhh… The Island is once again ours… Wind, Rain and Potluck Dinners.



We are told that Bark/Grind Mulches and Wood Chips are excellent for Erosion Control.

In addition to softening paths and walkways in trails or gardens, their bright appearance, can be renewed with a light raking as they age and decompose. Their insulating qualities during both summer and winter are good, plus, as they compost, they add a little nourishment to the soil beneath.

In addition, they let oxygen and moisture into the soil, without allowing direct impact from driving rains, thus allowing water to filter into the surrounding soils.

This material is light and easy to handle, with a nice Pine Tree odor. (Mildred has a bowl of this on our dining room table, and it smells good..)

Our SJI Wood Chips and Island Grind are both local products, meaning that our supply is a bit limited at times, but we have a good supply of Island Grind available right now…… The rains are on their way.

Skip and Mildred Foss




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